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High-Speed HDMI Cables for TV & Monitors in India

HDMI Cables for TV

The HDMI Cables for TV has become the standard digital interface for connecting high-definition A/V devices. When setting up your home entertainment centre or PC gaming rig, choosing the right HDMI cable is key to maximising performance. There are many types of HDMI cables available in the Indian market, from entry-level to premium quality.

HDMI cables for TV come in lengths from 1 foot to over 25 feet. For runs longer than 10 meters, specialized HDMI cables and long-distance cables are used. HDMI cables for monitors need to match the display resolution and refresh rate specs.

Top 8 High-Speed HDMI Cables for TV & Monitors in India

When shopping for a high-speed HDMI cable, consider these 8 options from

1. Honeywell

Get high-quality visuals using the Honeywell High-Speed HDMI Cable, among the Best HDMI Cables in India. Flexible and suited for use with any HDMI device such as televisions, monitors, game consoles, etc. This cable distinctively features a data transfer rate of 48Gbps and excellent 8K resolution.


  • High-speed data transmission up to 48Gbps.
  • Supports 8K@60Hz resolution and dynamic HDR.
  • Equipped with 24K gold plated connectors and oxygen-free copper conductor.
  • Compatible with a wide range of HDMI-enabled devices.


  • Ensures minimal data loss and maximum signal transfer.
  • Backward compatibility and Quick Media Switching feature.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • It may be more expensive than standard HDMI cables.
  • The super slim connectors could be fragile.


Settle for nothing but the best in your viewing and gaming with BESTOR 8K HDMI Cable, among the best HDMI Cables for Monitors available today. Created for tomorrow, it allows 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz, providing your TV and monitor with the most brilliant image. This HDMI cable is equipped with high-tech, such as dynamic HDR and a significant increase in speed at 48 Gbps. It is ideal for challenging applications like PS5 and Xbox Series X gaming, so it is a necessary upgrade component of your high-definition setup.


  • Supports 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz resolutions.
  • Transmission speed up to 48Gbps.
  • Compatible with HDMI 2.1 standard, backwards compatible with previous versions.
  • Reinforced with aluminum alloy casing and 24K gold-covered connectors


  • Ensures ultra-smooth picture quality.
  • Perfect for a professional gamer and streamer.
  • Military grade tensile nylon durable design.


  • Most of the basic functions do not require high-end specifications.

3. AirCase

One of the target markets for AirCase High-Speed HDMI Cable is Indian best HDMI cables and they have been scientifically proven to offer better functionality and performance. It also has Ethernet, 3D, 4K video, and ARC support, so if you are thinking of stepping up your game for personal entertainment, this is the clear option. The digital interface is HDMI 1.4 compatible, enabling users using television and monitors in India to acquire high-resolution displays.


  • These are Ethernet, 3D, 4K video, and Audio Return Channel (ARC).
  • Meets HDMI 1.4 specification of 10.2Gbps.
  • Signal transmission is also reliable using gold-plated connectors.
  • Installation is also quick and easy, thanks to the 5 feet and 1.8 meters length.


  • In fact, it is a flexible system that can be used with devices with HDMI compatibility.
  • Quality video and sound transmission.
  • Convenient cable length allows this option to be flexible.


  • 24Hz in 4K, which is unplayable for Anything above 30Hz.
  • However, gold plating is known to wear over time.

4. Sounce

The Sounce High-Speed HDMI Cable is one of the finest Types of HDMI Cables for boosting your life in the digital realm. This is the ideal HDMI Cables Long that allows the audio and video to transmit at a quality grade of quality of quality up to 4K60 perfectly for UHD TVs, monitors, and gaming consoles. It provides easy web integration through Ethernet support. This adapter proved to be a paramount entertainment or gaming space attribute as it has excellent power and is compatible with multiple devices like Xboxes, PlayStations, and Blu-ray players.


  • Support for 4K videos at 60Hz using 18Gbps bandwidth.
  • Ethernet support for internal devices of broadbands-awareness.
  • Durable build with reinforced connectors.
  • Compatible with various hardware, such as game consoles and Blu-ray players.


  • Delivers quality performance in audio as well as video.
  • Convenient internet connectivity feature.
  • Offers great value for money.
  • Cons:
  • It is not the maximum bandwidth; it is only 18 Gbps.

5. Storite

Storite’s High-Speed HDMI Cables for Monitors is a leader in the category of the Best HDMI Cables in India designed to improve your digital environment. The 1.5m cable is manufactured for the best signal transfer, integrating the latest HDMI 2.0b standard. It connects HDMI components from Blu-Ray players to 4k UHD TVs.


  • High-speed 18 Gbps refresh rate with HDMI 2.0b standard.
  • Supports 4K, UHD, 3D, ARC, and Ethernet.
  • PVC jacket for durability and fray resistance.
  • Easy plug-and-play installation with full metal jacket connectors.


  • Ensures ultra-clear 4K and UHD video quality.
  • Versatile connectivity for multiple HDMI devices.
  • Durable design suitable for regular use.


  • A length of 1.5m might be short for some setups.


Promote your digital life with the GLOBOMOTIVE High-Speed HDMI Cables Long, one of the best HDMI cables in India. This cable accommodates for 4K at 60Hz video quality with 18Gbps bandwidth compatible with all the latest HDMI features. Its Ethernet support increases smart devices’ connectivity for UHD TVs, monitors, and even gaming consoles. Suitable for many HDMI-compatible devices, this cable is resilient and adaptable, delivering quality sound and video transmission at a reasonable cost.


  • 18 Gbps bandwidth for 4K at 60Hz video.
  • Ethernet support for enhanced connectivity.
  • Durable build with reinforced connectors.
  • Compatibility with other devices such as the Xbox, PS5, or Blu-ray players.


  • Guarantees high-speed, high-quality audio and video transmission.
  • For use with devices that support HDMI connectivity.
  • Offers great value for money.


  • It may not be able to handle the highest frame rates for competitive gaming.


Among the league of the Best HDMI Cables in India, the GANIX High-Speed HDMI Cable is a revolutionary transition to anyone seeking to upgrade their TV and monitor adventure. This cable has a USB Type C to HDMI adaptor, ideal for MacBooks and iPads, among other devices, to connect to larger screens. The display capacity of 4k HD makes it more suitable for movies, gaming, and video conferences. However, the GANIX cable assures unbroken high-definition viewing, thus fitting into the current digital setup.


  • 4K UHD (3840×2160@30Hz) resolution support.
  • Plug & play with no driver software or WiFi connection.
  • Heat dissipation enclosure made of durable aluminium.
  • 2M length for flexible placement.


  • Supports mirroring to HDMI-equipped TVs and projectors.
  • Easy installation and use.
  • Stable signal transfer for uninterrupted viewing.


  • Compatibility focused on newer devices may not support older models.

8. Tuarso

Check out the latest Tuarso High-Speed HDMI Cable, among Types of HDMI Cables for TVs and monitors. This cable has 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz, which is unprecedented HD quality. A nylon braided jacket and an aluminium shell of it increase its durability and heat dissipation. The support for Dynamic HDR ensures picture realism and great sound quality. This HDMI cable is perfect for digital advanced setups in India, offers versatility and compatibility, and a 12-month warranty.


  • Will enable 8K@60Hz, 4K@120Hz, and 2K@240Hz resolutions.
  • For strength, it has high-quality nylon braided jacket.
  • Support for dynamic HDR for better picture quality.
  • It is very compatible with the digital camera and camcorder, among other such devices.


  • Superior, high resolution, and refresh rate support.
  • Durable and tangle-free design.
  • Improved arc for better audio.


  • Nylon braiding can turn rather stiff after some time.


HDMI cables come in a vast variety that can connect your TV, monitor, and many other associated devices. When choosing, consider the length of the cable and 4K60fps support. Active cables may be necessary for HDMI cables long. Finally, what is the best HDMI cable for your setup will depend on your display capacities and your preference for quality. We believe that this list of the best picks from TrustedReviewHub will assist in choosing the most suitable high-speed HDMI cable for faultless video. Quality cable investment makes your displays work for you.

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